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However the keys themselves are not mushy but are firm and bouncy, given the full sized keys this keyboard is nice to type on. The touchpad is offset to the left side of the laptop and has the same smooth texture as the body. Overhead view of keyboard and touchpad view large image. The W7S is advertised in two distinct versions; the white version features an Intel Core 2 Duo T processor whilst the black version has the T along with a bigger hard drive and more RAM. Lid open view large image.

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On this particular model of the W7S it comes with Windows Vista Home Premium and when I switched the laptop on for the first time I was greeted with the usual load of bloatware. Optical drive view large image. Front side view large image.

Asus W7S User Review

On the whole it should be safe to say that the battery life on this notebook is not something to brag about by current standards. Just by looking at these results they are generally hotter than I am used to seeing and the one that strikes me the most is the GPU with a load 7ws of 90C.

At first glance the notebook may look matte black but upon closer inspection you can see little silver flakes and this covers the whole of the laptop including the keyboard and touchpad.

Maybe I am just being over critical but I guess cramming a 2. The speakers are located on the bottom ssus the screen and can sara best described as generic. Light leakage from the screen seems to be biased towards the bottom and may become a problem when watching scary movies or q7s editing. However the heavily criticized MB of onboard RAM leaves only one upgradeable slot which reduces the ability for future upgrades.


The carbon fiber and plastic mixture used to make the body offers a solid design and accounts for the little flex around the laptop. Although it is still functional at this temperature, I would be more comfortable using a notebook cooler just to cool things staa a bit.

Overall this laptop packs performance in a portable laptop and has graciously met my needs. One thing that is slightly annoying about this laptop is the amount of heat it produces.

Either way this laptop is warm. One is located on the left side, assu is located on the right and the other is on the back.

Asus W7S User Review

Light leakage view large image. I like to do the occasional gaming so there was a pressing need for a dedicated graphics card; preferably one which supports DirectX 10 as this would help prepare me for future games.

The laptop was purchased and was taken home on the same day. Performance was also important as I do quite a lot of encoding so the benefits of the Santa Rosa platform would help. The included hard drive is the GB Seagate Momentus Size comparison between the Bluetooth mouse, power adapter and battery view large image.

There is also a switch on the top left corner which allows the WiFi and Bluetooth to be switched on or off. Windows Experience Index score view large image.

Lid closed view large image. Even just typing this review on the laptop the keyboard is warm to the touch and the palm rest is getting to the point where it makes my hands sweaty. What is even worse is the exhaust vent is located on the right hand side where the mouse would be, off course you can just move the mouse away from the vent but it still warms up the area. The first few times I used it I fell in love with the screen, and then you start to notice the little details that make this notebook beautiful such as the quality build.


This is reassuring and makes me a happier customer; unless I decide to modify the internals of the laptop.

The location of the three USB ports is new to me. Even if I do find a problem I would probably use the Asus online support forum first as it is surprisingly resourceful with its developed online community. Though not alarmingly flex it shows that this keyboard is not perfect in asjs sense. The sales person at the shop told me that I should be expecting hours battery life of general use; at eata I had my doubts and so I decided to prove it.

The W7S is advertised in two distinct versions; the white version features an Intel Core 2 Duo T processor whilst the black version has the T along with a bigger hard drive and more RAM. Overhead view of keyboard and touchpad view large image. By looking at the internals of the laptop there is only one cooling fan and one heat sink to cool both the CPU and GPU.