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These tests were run at a resolution of x on a Samsung SyncMaster B monitor with all the DirectX 10 features turned on. It scored 19fps frames per second in this test, compared to the Sapphire’s 11fps, which is a tremendous result. In our DirectX 9-based tests, the card was stellar. Due to different cooler design, Asus turned their power connectors upwards, so connecting the power is easier than ever. Two heatpipes start from the copper plate that leans on the core.

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ASUS supplies the card with a utility — SmartDoctor — for monitoring the temperature of the card, and the same utility can also be used to overclock the card even more. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected.

These results are faster than what the Sapphire achieved in the same tests and they clearly show that this card will easily play DirectX 9-based games at high resolutions and with all detail settings maximised.

EAH/HTDI/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

It scored 64fps in FEAR, at a resolution of x and with 4x AA antialiasingwhile in Half-Life 2 it scored fps at a resolution of x and using maximum quality settings. Fudzilla It News and reviews. Buy now for Holiday Savings! However, it was slightly slower than the Sapphire in the Lost Planet: However, DX based games 380 still playable with this card at resolutions lower than x and is a good value card. In an idle state, the card’s temperature was reported to be 44 degrees Celsius, but this didn’t change when the card was under a full processing load.


Last modified on 16 May Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes. This driver 3780 enables mixing different cards, for instance HD and HD Rounding out the package is a copy of the game Company of Heroes, which is a stressful game to run using any graphics card.

Audio also travels through the card, so users won’t have to run separate audio cables to their receiver or TV. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The card runs very quietly when it’s idle, thanks mainly to a very slow spinning fan, but when it’s under a full load, it really cranks up and will definitely contribute to the overall noise pollution of a typical system.

For those of us that always crave more, Asus overclocked their card to MHz, and that resulted in memory speed of MHz.

A large Asus box will not go unnoticed on the shelves, and Company of Heroes — Opposing fronts, a DX10 game that you get as a gift with this card, is quite an inviting detail.

Reference cooling on these cards is built from copper and aluminum, whereas the Asus card has heatpipe technology.

Two heatpipes eahh from the copper plate that leans on the core. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

Extreme Condition test, where it scored In our DirectX based tests, the card put up strong numbers, especially in the Crysis benchmark.

Extreme DirectX 10 Gaming Enjoyment with Cutting Edge ASUS

Its memory is also slightly faster than the norm — compared to for a standard card — which lets the card retrieve image data from the memory that little bit quicker. Would you buy this? In our DirectX 9-based tests, the card was stellar.


I ezh power and lots of it. The ‘TOP’ part of the product name stands for Top Overclocking Performance, and that’s where this card is different to other based cards on the market: View our privacy policy before signing up. Perhaps the cooling system on this card is that good! Cons DirectX based games are sluggish at high resolutions.

Benchmarking, Conclusion All Pages. This Holiday Season, protect yourself and your loved ones with the best. These aeh were run at a resolution of x on a Samsung SyncMaster B monitor with all the DirectX 10 features turned on. Page 1 of 2. This combination is made possible by the CrossFireX drivers, that enable 4 cores simultaneously. While the results themselves aren’t a hallmark for smooth gameplay, they are much better than what Dah series mid-range cards can achieve in the same tests, and it’s just about on par with what the series cards can do the has a narrower memory bus, which is why it doesn’t out-gun the