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Private Drivers

Private Drivers


Any integer between 1 and Enabled 3: Here are descriptions of every setup items: You can also use the built-in security functions to protect your network from being intruded by malicious intruders. Please choose a lease time the duration that every computer can keep a specific IP address of every IP address assigned by this router from dropdown menu. All existing port forwarding mappings will be displayed here. There could be some other wireless routers using the same channel, which will disturb the radio communication between wireless client and the wireless router. A router is an intelligent network device that forwards packets between different networks based on network layer address information such as IP addresses.

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Network Adapters – ICIDU – ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter Computer Driver Updates

Connect this router with up to four WDS-capable wireless routers, to expand the scope of network. Select your DDNS service provider here. You can select one access point in the table and the router will join wireless LAN through this access point. Please input the idle time out of Internet connection you wish to icodu, and refer to section for detailed descriptions.

Input the IP address of the computer which you want to open the ports. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the adappter off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Idle Time Out 8: Server IP Address 4: The detailed aireless are listed follow: Try to reset the router and try again later. This is the name of wireless router.


Maximum 16 static IP addresses can be assigned here.

This wireless router supports two types of WPS: If you have no idea on how to define an IP address plan for your network, here are some suggestions.

Reset the device provided by your Internet service provider ixidu.

With this function, you can limit the maximum bandwidth or give a guaranteed bandwidth for a specific computer, to avoid said unpleasing result from happening.

Double-click Network icon, and Network window will appear. You can refer to the instructions given in last chapter: Please select the port number of Internet IP address which will be redirected to the port number of local IP address defined above.

A valid IP address has 4 fields: If you want remove all Special Appliacation settings from the table, just click “Delete All” button. All guidelines of this and of the computer manufacture must therefore be allowed at all times to ensure the safe use of the equipment. Set the RTS threshold of wireless radio. If you want to erase all values you just entered.


Icidu Usb Serial Converter – softwaredeath

Input the MAC address of your wireless devices here, dash – or colon: Click “Reset” will clear your current selections. There are two types of key format: Please input the idle time out of Internet connection you wish to use, and refer to last section for detailed descriptions.

This section lists the more popular applications that require multiple connections.

Set the threshold of when this DoS prevention mechanism will be activated. TCP Port to Open 4: Please input IP address assigned by your service provider.

If the access point enables wireless security, you have to follow the same settings in order to access the access point. WPS-related system information will be displayed here: Specify the time to shutdown internet connect after no internet activity is detected by minute.