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Not all DDR is created equal, and some boards demand that you use only the best. Join the community here , it only takes a minute. Then all of a sudden it completely shut down. I’ve seen this message before with a simple harddrive upgrade from 60gb to gb so I wasn’t too worried about it. A super-charged gokart, tell me thats your 13 year olds after school project? Have you overclocked it? Then all of a sudden my computer would only boot up for like 5 seconds and then shut right back down.

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Sounds like asynch, which will be about the same or even slower than running it in synch at FSB.

MSI K7N2 Delta-L FSB gave me Blue Screen in Win XP – The Corsair User Forums

Sep 4, 1. Could the processor be bad? Obviously running it at is slower than at anyway, but the asynch timing is even slower. The default voltage is 1. I’ve tried different settings in BIOS and right now it hasn’t powered down for the last 20 minutes, but I guess that’s because I have it set at right now.

Thank you for k7n reply. Could it be a bad power supply? So I go to the local computer shop adn buy the exact motherboard. Do you have good cooling msj the CPU?


See if you can get some PQI memory, if you want cheap but good memory at least, my PC memory works perfect ; …. Tier 2 customers are those whose testing criterias are not as stringent as Tier 1.

I will take them out of the array and try it with each one and see what happens. I have been having the same issues with the same board.

Then we re-booted the machine again and it read another number for the processor I believe. The machine’s getting up there and a bit more juice can sometimes make the grade.

FS: Atrhlon xp 2800, Msi k7n2 Delta

Don’t skimp on the memory or power supply. But when windows booted up and I tried to execute certain programs I had everything was so slow and laggy. No, create an account now. Still I had no video.

In my opinion this was the fix, everything I had tried previously had not worked out. O7n2 was freaking and thinking that maybe a jumper wasnt right on one of my harddrives since i have so many, or maybe one of the drivers were bad so I checked them in System properties and It said all the drivers had no conflicts.


But ok, we can test this. To fix it go into the bios and change the FSB to then check the manual to find the fsb jumper on the motherboard move the jumper accross. Originally posted by rdgrimes Actually, if you read the K7nn2 forums, there are an abundance of reports of just this problem.

Support For K7N2 | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

Tier 1 customers are Kingston et al. Dos bootseverything is happy in paradise.

The Barton should be stable to at least msl with the right DDR. Originally posted by debro [B]Just another thought. I will let it run this eveningif the thing will even start at MHz. Have you overclocked it? I have no idea what that is.

MSI K7N2 (MS-6570) Free Driver Download

My issue ended up being the duel channel DDR, as soon as I took that out it works fine. This could well be a power issue. It will come to the login screen with a setting of